Our winery

Picollo Ernesto is perched among the rolling hills that surround the town of Gavi. The climate here is much more
mediterranean than in the north, benefiting from the constant maritime breezes, unique to the southern Piedmont. Picollo Ernesto’s vineyards sit near 260 meters above sea level in Rovereto di Gavi, one of the most prestigious area of the appellation. Our 16 hectares of vineyards are planted exclusively with Cortese, a hearty, high acid white varietal, perfectly suited for this area in northern Italy. Cortese thrives in difficult soil, dry climate, and full sun exposure, which Rovereto amply provides. Picollo’s vineyards are predominantly south-facing and the soils have a higher concentration of clay than marl, which allows for year-round water conservation, even in the peak of summer. Lorenzo Picollo founded the winery in 1945. The winemaking and day-to-day management was transferred to his son, Ernesto, and is now in the hands of his grandson, Gianlorenzo. Innovating along the way, Gianlorenzo continues to carry the family’s legacy forward with great success. Our lands are predominantly in the Rovereto zone, the historic Le Rive vineyards are over sixty years old instead their newest purchase of two hectares lies within the zone of Tassarolo. The grapes for all of Picollo’s wines are hand harvested. The winery itself has recently been modernized but the processes remain traditional, with sparing intervention in the winemaking and no artificial pesticides or herbicides used in the vineyards. With the intent of showcasing our Cortese in its purest form. Our Gavi’s are fermented and aged exclusively in stainless steel.

The Picollo family

From the third to the fourth generation